A love and appreciation of chocolate was the catalyst for the creation at STOCK® Restaurant Bar & Lounge of a state of the art, temperature controlled workshop from which the chocolate and pastry team could deliver magnificent chocolate offerings. With the guidance of a highly skilled kitchen engineer to ensure the most progressive and functional design, the Chocolate Lab is a private kitchen with state of the art equipment for Toronto’s finest chocolatiers and where hand-dipped, hand-formed chocolates, truffles and bars are created and show pieces are designed.  Recipes for chocolate desserts, and preparations for the the Chocolate Cart at STOCK® are conceived and prepared in The Chocolate Lab.

The Chocolate Lab at Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto® is a rare facility which produces rare and exclusive chocolate confectionaries and desserts for guests.

Using the finest ingredients in a dedicated kitchen to prepare artisan desserts, bon bons, ice creams and confections, the pastry team concots new and unusual experiments in the "Lab". Countless hours are spent perfecting delectable fillings, and complementary pairings for the sought-after creations that can be enjoyed at STOCK®, SUITS®, or at home. 

Signature specialties include sea salt and caramel chocolate toffee, 66% dark chocolate + spring jasmine tea, and famous homemade artisanal scones with chocolate hazelnut confiture.